Products for pharmacies:

Range Oncosmetics The first cosmetic line specifically created for people who are, or have been, to cancer treatment

During cancer treatment, your skin, hair and physical appearance in general, may be affected. These side effects are not relevant to the clinical level, but if you have an influence from a psychological point of view. We believe that it is of vital importance to feeling good about oneself, care for and pamper yourself. We have created a cosmetic line specifically designed to meet the needs of the skin at this time.

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Range Biocosmetics Pioneers in the research, development, sale and distribution of products for oral hygiene.

We remain at the forefront of the oral care, through research based on continuous improvement. We put at your disposal more than 100 products, for the care of your mouth.

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Range Xtresia A new way to combat the stress

XTRESIA is a revolutionary way to provide natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals that enhance the relaxing effect anti stress. It is the most effective natural remedy to get the perfect daily dose of active ingredients and herbs that help you manage stress.

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Range Soriadersil For skins with a tendency to psoriasis.

The Soriadersil range are moisturizing creams for skin that have psoriaris, flaking and epidermal thickening. Its formula contains Allantoin, a dermatological active with soothing and decongestive properties. It is absorbed quickly and does not contain steroids.

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Products for Hospitals / Clinics:

Range Ortohelp A solution for every case

Our wide range of products, provides to private hospitals, clinics and everything necessary for the care of patients. In our range of products can be found from technical aids and wheelchairs, to sterilization and surgical field. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and users need, as well as offering quality products at a reasonable price, always trying to make life easier when you need it.

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Range Medline We provide quality medical products to health centers and end users, improving patient care and quality of life of the people.

Medline help to customers around the world to provide high-quality health care by creating products they want, with the quality they demand and the value they require. Our goal is to lead our industry with the most cost-effective products and the most valuable clinical solutions for caregivers and their patients, while at the same time improving the quality and effectiveness in all our areas of activity.

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All other products:

Doctor-U We are the first platform free online video-consultations about the patient to your health care professional.

In a simple and direct, healthcare professionals may be close to anyone who needs to consult with or be treated in a direct and personalized.

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Pharma Training We are a tool that proposes a new working dynamic.

At present, the sales analysis programs speak to us of quantities sold, but do not detect the lost sales opportunities by employees at the counter. To detect these missed opportunities is the basis of our training. We conduct regular meetings, we do sales training practice and appreciate the improvements in the employee after your workout, getting some results in exceptional sales.

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