Medbiotec Is a company dedicated to the development, storage and marketing of medicinal products and hospital.

Our products are sold in pharmacies, parapharmacies and hospitals.

We have different lines of business that provide a comprehensive infrastructure to our customers.

We cover from the top of the product (laboratory), up to the spread of the same (marketing), distribution (warehouse) and its commercialization.

Import and export

In Medbiotec Group have a wealth of experience in the market of the import and export of products related to the pharmaceutical and hospital. We currently have presence in different countries of the world by offering our products and services.

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Marketing and Communication

In Medbiotec Group believe in their products, that is why we put at your disposal a comprehensive coverage in marketing and communication. Our department of advertising and marketing, develops and provides the best strategies for the introduction and consolidation in the market.

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Logistics Operator

In Medbiotec Group, we have drug store authorization, with all the necessary infrastructure to host your product prior to distribution. We take care of all the management and distribution of the orders so that you don't have to worry about anything.

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Space Health

From Medbiotec Group customize their sanitary spaces. An image within its local with a very cleanly and clearly. We put at your point of sale everything you need for your marketing, from the distribution of the products up to the design of the space.

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